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What’s in Lauren Conrad’s Maternity Closet?

The fashion designer has a baby on the way! Find out Lauren’s maternity must-haves and see pieces from her latest collection to hit Kohl’s

Lauren Conrad Helps Out Other Young Moms with a New Project You’ll Love

Lauren Conrad is feeling the love these days – and she’s sharing it with her fellow moms-to-be.

The businesswoman and former star of The Hills — she’s expecting her first child with husband William Tell later this year — made a trip to Chicago in January to work with Bright Endeavors, an organization that works with young mothers who have experienced abuse and/or homelessness to help them build career skills.

“We came across Bright Endeavors online and reached out to them because we were so inspired by their mission to help young mothers achieve a brighter future for themselves and their families,” Conrad, 31, tells PEOPLE exclusively of her decision to work with the organization to help support a line of soaking salts and new sugar scrubs for her company The Little Market.

“Bright Endeavors is a social enterprise in Illinois that employs young mothers for a 12-week transitional job training program,” she explains. “The organization is often the first major step these young mothers take to work toward providing for their families.”

The women worked with Conrad to assemble The Little Market’s wide variety of sugar scrubs and soaking salts, which include Valentine’s Day-pampering-worthy scents like Relax and Refresh, Rose and Cool and Calm.

“In addition to providing them with jobs, Bright Endeavors works closely with the women to develop their career skills and goal-setting techniques for the future,” continues the former reality star.

“I really believe in helping people help themselves, and Bright Endeavors is a great example of an organization that works to achieve that.”

Conrad admits it’s hard to choose a favorite product from the soaking salt and sugar scrub lines, but since she can’t take hot baths at the moment due to her pregnancy, she’s focusing on the scrubs — her favorite of which is the Rose variety.

“It’s not only made with coconut oil, essential oil, and sugar like the other three in our collection, but it also has dried flowers. Plus, it smells amazing!” says the mom-to-be, noting that she uses the scrubs in the shower “every day.”

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