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Lauren visits E! News Studio

Lauren Conrad debuted her new short ‘do when she stopped by the E! News studio on Tuesday where she also dished on her marriage to William Tell in addition to sharing her tips for dressing for the holidays. The fashionista will showcase three festive looks on tonight’s show, which will feature more affordable items from her Kohl’s collaboration as well as pricier pieces from her Paper Crown collection.

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But no fab outfit is complete without a sassy new ‘do! So of course, we had to get the scoop on why L.C., who repeatedly teased her cut on Instagram, decided to chop off her signature locks after vowing in March that she’d “never go bob” again!

“A different bob. I didn’t want to go back to what I had before…” she said of the short style she sported briefly back in 2007. “I went a little bit shorter, and then I just figured, if I’m ever going to do it, just go for it.” Conrad admits that the change took “a little bit” to get used to (particularly, since is was her “first hair cut in years”), but her trusted longtime hairdresser, Kristen Ess, ensured that the process went down smoothly.

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(Photos) Lauren was spotted in Hollywood (11.06)

Lauren was spotted with her new haircut, busy looking at her phone while crossing the street on November 6 in Hollywood. Make sure to check out the pictures in our gallery.

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Lauren’s stylist explains why the star keeps getting haircuts

Hair today, gone tomorrow! Lauren Conrad is known for sporting lengthy locks starting from her days on The Hills, but times are changing, and the newlywed is all about going shorter these days. Conrad’s stylist Kristin Ess explained the two drastic haircuts in less than a month, why she did it, and how long she plans to stay short, to Us Weekly.


Going short gradually was the initial plan. “It was my idea to take it slow, do it gradually, because we can,” she said. “I knew I was seeing her a week-and-a-half later, and if we wanted to go shorter we could.”

And shorter they did go! Ess, who is also the co-founder of The Beauty Department blog, wanted the designer to get comfortable with the hairstyle, before fully committing to it.

“I kind of wanted her to get used to playing with textures and stuff, before we took it shorter,” she said. “I wanted her to get to know what it would be like as it grew out, so it’s kind of nice for her to see it as it gets longer.”

Longer? Yes, there’s a strong possibility that Conrad’s new look is just a temporary change. “She never really keeps anything too long – it’s like the bangs, we had those for what, six months or so?” Ess explained. “For her, she’s so familiar with extensions, so she knows how to style that. She’s really able to get any look that she wants, whether it’s short or long. It just depends on if she’s missing her long hair, but as of right now, I feel like she’s loving it.”