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Hey everyone,
as you may have noticed Admiring Lauren Conrad has been offline for the past few weeks. Isa gave the site up and I took over and “adopted” it. You may know me already I helped Isa here a little with the gallery but I also used to run my own Lauren Site back in the day. During the progress we had some trouble with the host and mostly the transfer of everything. As you may see all updates from 2016 are gone but it could be worse.

I created a brand new gallery/ to combine the old gallery with one of my older onces to make it the biggest LC gallery on the www. I’m currently in the process of adding all the events back into it. The Photoshoots are already done so if you want you can take a look at several new shoots here.

Both Layouts that you see here are only tempory I’m working on the “real” themes right now. since the temp one had way to many bugs in it’s coding I switched back to the old one.

I think that’s all I have to say right now 🙂 Again a huge thank you to Isa for all the help and for the site <3 xo Melanie

New York Fashion Week: Spring 2016 Collection

As reported earlier, Lauren unveiled her limited edition LC Lauren Conrad Runway spring collection during a show at New York Fashion Week on September 9.

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You can watch Lauren and other people talking about the collection for Entertainment Tonight, down below:

And you can watch the entire fashion show! Kohl’s Youtube Channel made available for us. Watch below:

Gallery Link:

Home > Public Appearances > 2015 > New York Fashion Week | Spring 2016 – Backstage (09.09)
Home > Public Appearances > 2015 > New York Fashion Week | Spring 2016 – Show (09.09)

(Video) Cosmopolitan Cover Shoot

As you know, Lauren covers Cosmopolitan October issue. Go behind the scenes of Lauren’s cover shoot and behind the scenes for the photoshoot.