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Lauren Conrad on Her Maternity Style, Paper Crown, and What She Can’t Wait to Wear Post-Pregnancy

For Lauren Conrad, the former Hills star-turned-Paper Crown designer (and first-time expectant mother), building her maternity wardrobe has been a journey. “I am still figuring it out,” she told in a phone interview. “I actually, up until this point, only purchased a few maternity pieces.” At times, it’s been frustrating to shop maternity lines themselves, Conrad admitted. “Just because

LC Lauren Conrad – Dress Up Shop Collection

Lauren just launched her latest Collection for her LC Lauren Conrad fashion line. You can check out all the clothes and everything at your local Kohl’s store or shop the looks online. I added the Press pictures and screenshots of the Promovideo into the gallery. You can also watch the Video above. Gallerylinks 02. Photoshoots > LC Lauren Conrad Collection

(Photos) May Kohl’s Collection Lookbook

Lauren has published the new lookbook for May LC for Lauren Conrad Kohl’s Collection. As spring continues with all its own force, this photo session marks the end of the spring collection. Read below what Lauren has to say: May is a very big month for my LC Lauren Conrad line. A couple days ago, I shared a Chic Peek