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For Lauren Conrad, the former Hills star-turned-Paper Crown designer (and first-time expectant mother), building her maternity wardrobe has been a journey. “I am still figuring it out,” she told ELLE.com in a phone interview. “I actually, up until this point, only purchased a few maternity pieces.”

At times, it’s been frustrating to shop maternity lines themselves, Conrad admitted. “Just because you become pregnant, doesn’t mean your style changes. You still want to maintain your same aesthetic, but it can be very challenging with what is out there. It’s been interesting learning to dress around it.”

Conrad has her style tricks—and already has her eye on what she’ll be wearing post-pregnancy. Her line Paper Crown, after all, is also having a big moment this summer. The label is Lord & Taylor’s next rotating pop-up shop: The full Paper Crown summer line (and many dresses, priced from $45 to $350) will be on sale in the store’s New York City flagship. “[To] be a part of an event like this with such a reputable retailer is such a compliment to our brand,” Conrad said.

Here, LC talks about what her go-to clothes are in the summer, the one thing she really wishes she could wear right now, and if she’d ever design a children’s line. (Yes, she’s thought about it, because “everything is cuter tinier.”)

Let’s talk briefly about your maternity style. How would you describe it so far?

I am still figuring it out. I actually up until this point only purchased a few maternity pieces. I kind of have gotten by with just doing more tented silhouettes. We did a little kind of tented chambray dress in Paper Crown for spring that I’ve been living in. I keep asking for its fabrics—like can you make me one real quick because it fits? I am still figuring it out, but I think it’s easier in summer because you can kind of just wear drapey dresses and get away with it. I’ve just been avoiding pants at all costs just because I can’t find a comfortable pair.

I feel like some moms nowadays don’t do maternity styles. Blake Lively, for example, didn’t. You just buy regular clothes.

Yeah, maternity has come a really long way from when my mother or my friends’ mothers were shopping, [but] it’s still very limited and it’s hard. Just because you become pregnant doesn’t mean your style changes. You still want to maintain your same aesthetic, but it can be very challenging with what is out there. It’s been interesting to kind of learning to dress around it.

What is one outfit you can’t wait to wear once you can get out of maternity clothes?
Oh my gosh, it is killing me that this summer I can’t wear high waisted shorts because they’re my favorite. To do like a really cute platform sandal, high-waisted shorts, and a little blouse, it’s like my favorite. I miss my shorts this summer.

Tell me about the Paper Crown pop up shop. What are your favorite pieces from the collection that’ll be there?

There’s this really cute wrap palm dress that I like that I wish I could wear that was so cute. And we did a couple of jumpers I really like because I really like a jumper for summer, and our prints are all very summery but again, like subtle how we usually do it, more muted tones. We did kind of a soft palm print and more of a poppy vintage floral was just a little bit out there for us. And we also have a subtle pineapple print you don’t really notice until you get up close that I really like.

What tips do you have for dressing in the summer when it gets ridiculously hot?

The thing about summer is, I think it is pretty easy to dress comfortably, like I tend to gravitate more toward flowy, easy pieces. I think they’re really comfortable, usually a lot of lightweight fabrics. When summer comes around, I am definitely dressing for comfort.

What’s next for you and Paper Crown?
Paper Crown this past year and a half has been a year of growth for us. We are at that point in the brand [where] we have been around for over six years now so we have really taken the time to establish ourselves in the industry. It’s been such a great experience, and I’ve learned so much and [am] so proud of the team we have created. I feel so lucky when I go to my office—[there are] so many people going door to door. I love seeing everybody, and it’s fun there.
One of the things we are doing at the pop up shop [is] introducing men’s accessories that we’ve been working on for a while, which was really fun to do.
We, a couple of years ago, entered the wedding space, and that was such a great fit for us. Some of the push back we would get from retailers is it’s a bit too feminine, but in the wedding space, you just can’t go too feminine, which is really exciting for me because they’re like more bows, more ruffles.

We learned often times women are the ones picking out men’s accessories so when you’re going to a bridal party they’re picking out the dresses. But they’re the one often sorting and picking out bow ties or cufflinks or whatever is going with it. We wanted to create a collection that really meshed well with what we were already offering.

So Paper Crown has tackled regular womenswear, bridal, and even men’s accessories. Looking forward, would you ever consider designing a children’s line for it?
I think I can design a children’s line after I have a child. For me, when I take on a new category I feel like I need to be really well educated in it. I have lots of friends with kids, and I enjoy shopping for them, but I think until you have a child, it’s really hard. You don’t consider everything—things you wouldn’t even think of being practical as far as children’s clothing. I don’t know if I would consider anything at this point. In the future, yes, because everything is cuter tinier. I think I need to take a lesson first.

The Paper Crown x Lord & Taylor pop up is open now at Lord & Taylor’s New York City, Fifth Avenue flagship and will run until mid-July. Visit the store at 424 5th Ave. New York, NY 10018.

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Lauren just launched her latest Collection for her LC Lauren Conrad fashion line. You can check out all the clothes and everything at your local Kohl’s store or shop the looks online. I added the Press pictures and screenshots of the Promovideo into the gallery. You can also watch the Video above.

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Lauren has published the new lookbook for May LC for Lauren Conrad Kohl’s Collection. As spring continues with all its own force, this photo session marks the end of the spring collection. Read below what Lauren has to say:

May is a very big month for my LC Lauren Conrad line. A couple days ago, I shared a Chic Peek of my Minnie Mouse collection. And today I am sharing a look at a few new pieces from my core LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s collection! Summer is just around the corner so I decided to lighten things up a bit. In my latest collection you can find an array of flowy blouses, light colored jeans, and maxi dresses for every occasion.

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Gallery Link:

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Take your beachy waves to the next level with an effortless side braid. It’s Lauren favorite way to transition her waves from day to night, and only takes 2 products from John Frieda. Watch the video down below:


No-brainer, all ears! After the success of her dreamy Cinderella collection, Lauren Conrad has collaborated with Disney once more on a second themed collection for her LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s line. And it stars none other than the House of Mouse’s leading lady herself: Minnie! Best of all, Us Weekly has an exclusive peek at the adorable pieces, in stores and online May 10.


“We knew from the beginning we had to have a Minnie Mouse collection. You can’t work with Disney and not have a Minnie collection!” Conrad, 29, exclusively told Us.

And the Instagram queen, who counts the ultra-femme cartoon character as one of her style icons, could not be more excited. “The best part was just having the opportunity to put such an iconic character on one of my pieces,” she said. “It’s pretty crazy that I get to do this.”

What this is, precisely, is a collection of sweet blouses, skirts, dresses, and tees in the toon’s signature red and white hues, all emblazoned with her bow-topped visage. “Minnie’s the ultimate girly girl, so we stuck some bows in there and lots of polka dots,” she told Us of the collection, which ranges in price from $36 to $68. “[We tried to make some pieces] in a more subtle way, so from far away, you see dots, but up close the dot is actually a tiny Minnie head with ears!”

Naturally, the collection’s arrival comes complete with a photo shoot starring Conrad in the clothes, and the Starstruck author only had one note. “Before the shoot, I told them that my only request was that I get ears,” the newlywed (she tied the knot with William Tell September 2014) spilled to Us. “And the seamstress on set actually made them for me! I still have them; I kept them.”

Gallery Link:

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There’s no question that Lauren Conrad looked utterly gorgeous on her wedding day. We sat down with the star to talk all things beauty, and she dished on how she prepped for her walk down the aisle. Although Conrad admits that she didn’t change much, the fashionista did share that she made sure to take better care of her skin by eating healthier foods. Plus, she revealed the best beauty tip she’s picked up over the years. Click on the image below to watch the video.

Who doesn’t envy Lauren Conrad’s beachy waves and glowing skin? We sat down with the star to talk all things beauty, and she dished on what products she’d take to a desert island (read: the makeup and hair products she can’t live without). Plus, the star shared with us just how she gets her coif to look so perfectly imperfect. You can watch the interview by clicking here. And if you also want to know her beauty secrets and early makeup mistakes, you can watch by cliking here.


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Learn how to get effortlessly undone, carefree beachy styles from Lauren. She updated her official channel on YouTube with a new brand video in partnership with John Frieda. Make sure to check out below:

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Refinery 29 has recently published an exclusive interview with Lauren. We have a new photoshoot and more information about her new haircut and big plans for 2015! Check out the pictures and the article below:

We recently sat down with Lauren to talk about the relaunch, and to get the scoop on all things bob. Dressed in a Topshop sweater and Rebecca Minkoff shorts, she looked every bit the California girl she is on a drab winter morning in NYC.

As we chatted, LC was charming, easygoing, and so very gracious — despite the fact that we kept creepily staring at her effortlessly tousled waves, trying to deduce her secret so we could go home and replicate it. We had assumed Lauren’s longtime stylist Kristin Ess was responsible for her ‘do, but the brand informed us that LC actually did it herself! She was shooting a few how-to videos for John Frieda prior to our talk — this was a look that involved the new Sea Waves Sea Salt Spray (the updated version of Ocean Waves), and then a crafty air-drying job. The videos will be live on the John Frieda site starting in mid-March, so be sure to log on to get the scoop. We’ve already set ourselves a calendar reminder to check back. Keep reading to find out Lauren’s thoughts on everything from her love of Disney princesses to how she keeps her blonde looking so, well, beachy.

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After a while without news from Lauren, we heard something really exciting! With the launch of Disney’s hotly-anticipated Cinderella remake just six weeks away, brands are taking the opportunity to cash in on what is predicted to be one of the year’s most successful movies.

Lauren announced the upcoming launch of a Cinderella-themed collection for her eponymous fashion line LC Lauren Conrad at Kohl’s. Inspired by the ethereal beauty of Cinderella’s iconic ball gown and slippers, the collection includes a range of layered tulle skirts, dainty high heeled shoes and sequined sweaters. There’s even a sparkly glass slipper-embroidered knit included in the range.

Due for release on February 22, just under a month before Cinderella is due for release in the US, the products are priced between $60 and $80. And hot on Lauren heels is make-up brand MAC with the upcoming launch of its Cinderella-inspired cosmetics collection.

001 002 003 001

The range, which is due to be released online on February 26 and in stores on March 3, includes everything from eyeshadow to lip gloss, with each of the products bearing a suitably Cinderella-esque name.

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Lauren was photographed by Justin Coit in the new exclusive Photoshoot for Who What Wear, where she is guest editor. Take a look what she wrote and of course, the pictures.

The holidays are coming up quickly, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. This is hands-down the happiest time of year, in my book. There’s something special about decorating our Christmas tree, wrapping presents, seeing friends at holiday parties, and spending quality time with family.

This year, I have a handful of holiday soirees lined up, so I’ve been putting together different looks for each party. Today, I’ll be sharing my favorite holiday looks and style tips, as well as a handful of my holiday season essentials. Take a look.

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