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[Photos] 2016 Appearances Update

Thanks to my friend Queen I was able to add more pictures of Lauren at different events in 2016. This includes some events that have been missing before. Gallerylinks 01. Appearances > 2016 > [Mar 23] “Lauren Conrad Celebrate” Book Launch 01. Appearances > 2016 > [Mar 28] Good Morning America 01. Appearances > 2016 > [Mar 28] “Lauren Conrad

Rebecca Minkkoff’s ‘See Now, Buy Now’ Fashion Show

Lauren attened the Rebecca Minkkoff’s ‘See Now, Buy Now’ Fashion Show yesterday, where she also hosted a Pop Up Shop For Little Market earlier. I added over 60 HQs of both events into the gallery. Gallerylinks 01. Appearances > 2017 > [Feb 04] Pop Up Shop For Little Market at The Grove 01. Appearances > 2017 > [Feb 04] Rebecca

New York Fashion Week: Spring 2016 Collection

As reported earlier, Lauren unveiled her limited edition LC Lauren Conrad Runway spring collection during a show at New York Fashion Week on September 9. You can watch Lauren and other people talking about the collection for Entertainment Tonight, down below: And you can watch the entire fashion show! Kohl’s Youtube Channel made available for us. Watch below: Gallery Link: